14 Jun 2014

Finding a suitable transfer maid

Limit the number of transfers for maidsThe Straits Times, 27 Mar 2014
Why would a maid come to our shores to seek employment, after incurring a huge debt that will take months to repay, yet terminate her contract after a short period?

One would think she needs the work badly and will do all she can to keep her job. But for some maids, this logic does not apply.  A few months ago, I checked up on maid agencies on the Net and in shopping centres, while helping my in-laws to look for a helper.

I came across many transfer maids who refused jobs that involved caring for elderly folk, or if there were adults at home in the daytime. Some refused to work for anyone other than expatriates.

Some of these maids had been in Singapore for only a few months; others had changed employers a few times within 1½ years.  A good employer-employee relationship does not happen overnight. As with any relationship, it takes time to establish rapport and build trust.

Above all, both parties have to make it work.
Perhaps it is time to consider putting a cap on the number of times a maid can switch employers within a certain period. Exceeding that limit will result in the maid losing her work permit and being sent home.

Grace Chua Siew Hwee (Madam)

Can I have a maid-to-orderMarch 2014, by Bertha Harian
She swept in through the agency door. She ordered the Indonesians among the pink tee-shirted maids to stand up. She proceeded to interrogate them. “You! How long here already?’’, “How many months with your last ma’am?’’ “How many employers you have before?’’

They stood up and answered dutifully. She was not satisfied. She didn’t even look at the agency staff. She swept out of the door, a hurricane with well-coiffed big hair,

“What in heaven’s name was that?’’ I asked the agency staff who was attending to me. “Employer lah,’’ she said. “We get so many like that.’’  My goodness! Was that how you go about looking for a maid? If so, I was doing it all wrong.

My search for a maid agency in Katong Shopping Centre was illuminating, yet disheartening. I’ve never hired a maid before and decided that it was time to get one for my mother. I don’t know enough about the regulations, payments and what not about having a live-in help, so I wandered through the shopping centre peering at the advertisements plastered on the door.

Almost all of them had maids on the ready – transfer maids I was told, those who wanted to change employer. There were so many. And it seemed that maids from Myanmar are in vogue with agencies touting themselves as the “biggest’’, “No. 1’’, “leading’’ and all sorts of marketing words of maids from that relatively new maid source of country. There were also those who touted “no replacement fee’’ and “$1 fee’’ – which I didn’t even bother to look at. There must be a catch here, I thought.

I also avoided those agencies from which emitted very loud voices – staffers shouting down the phone at maids (I think) in broken English and pasar Malay, staffers yelling at maids whom employers had brought in supposedly for a dressing down. One employer was upset that her maid wanted a day off when it appeared that she had agreed to be paid instead. I don’t know what to feel. It was like eavesdropping on parents disciplining their children.

If there is one thing in common among maid agents: They all speak in a very loud voice to the maids, in stern kindergarten teacher style. I cringed. So is this what it means to be “firm’’ with maids?

I walked through an agency which looked like among the biggest in the building.  An elderly Chinese man attended to me asking me questions about my mother and her needs. I asked him if his agency was CaseTrusted. He said no and changed the subject. I asked why not, and he ducked the question. I let it go.

He said I should take a first-time maid from Myanmar and assured me that they picked up on the language fast. I wasn’t so sure about that and asked about maids who were already here. He handed me a stack of maid bio-data. I flipped through five and discovered all had several employers within a short space of time. How come? He said he didn’t know as they had come from other agencies. But that’s why, he said, I should get a new maid.

As someone bred on a media diet of bad agencies which are not regulated, I was actually quite sure I didn’t want to be among his clients. But, hey, he was giving me an education on security bonds, levy payments and maids’ salaries.

After some hapless wandering, I finally entered an agency with a Case Trust logo and decided that I should just bite the bullet and hire one. It was also because a maid had opened the door of the agency and asked me to come in. There was a garrulous Myanmar maid who had nothing but bad to say about her ex-employer and her co-maid, an Indonesian. There was also a quiet Indian girl who hailed from near the border with Myanmar. English-speaking. She said she quit her employer because she did NOT want a day off but wanted to work and get paid. That’s a change, I thought. Most times, wasn’t the complaint the other way round? Then again, given that they had a loan to pay off to their agents, it might not be a surprise that they preferred to get that out of the way quickly.

Again, I was inducted into the mysteries of maid employment and told to get a certificate for attending the orientation course for first-time employers. I did it online, a two-hour programme which I wish I could fast forward. My maid agent said that no one had failed the test yet and I shouldn’t want to be the first. I had visions of failing. I passed.

I did learn a few things though, such as how the maid should keep her own bank book and work permit. But it never said what should be done about her passport. I know we should give a good place to sleep but I didn’t realise I should get her her own set of toiletries. Then there was some scary stuff about the employers’ legal obligations and the kinds of penalties if you are caught using the maid wrongly. Plenty of stuff on cleaning windows too which, at the end of the course, really amounted to this: Don’t let her clean windows if you can help it.

Now that we’ve fixed on the maid, there remains the big question of what to do with her, a question that is giving my mother sleepless nights. You see, my mother is perfectly ambulant but her aches and pains are getting to her. She also has a penchant of doing heavy-duty housework and she does marketing for three homes, including mine. The family’s fear was that she would strain herself or fall down without anyone knowing. She drives. She lives alone. But she is stressed out wondering if the maid will have enough work to do and wondering how to outfit my brother’s old room for her.

I don’t think the maid would have very much to do actually, given that my mother is a neat freak who has been keeping house all her life. One employer who was at the agency said that my mother was probably someone who would do all the work instead of the maid. And who probably worry more for the maid’s welfare than her own. That’s true, I thought. But it would good for her to have a helper.  

These days, I’ve been reading all about maids who decided to up and go home and leave employers in the lurch. Yes, I was told that the maid’s return would be at the employer’s expense (both plane and train/bus fare) although there was something about the agency coughing up a replacement if that happens – I’m not sure.

 So many horror stories of maids upping sticks that I’m now wondering if our new maid would launch the same surprise on us.  The bio-datas of the maids I saw at the first agency weren’t promising. They seemed able to quit so easily, especially after their loan had been paid up and they stand to receive the whole pay packet. How many unlucky employers have there been who had to survive several maid changes – and get blacklisted – through no fault of their own, I thought. I hope these job-hopping maids are more the exceptions than the rule.

Predictably, employers will scream “unfair’’ and ask for protection. But really, anyone can quit their job at any time. It’s a free market – and maids are no different.. Non-maid employers also know the pain of training employees only to have them jump ship for a few dollars more. But there’s nothing they can do to stop them, except to make it painful to leave… You take on a maid, you take on the responsibilities as well as the risks.

Maybe the silver lining in this is that we’ll treat our maids better to get them to stay on. The fact remains that the maid is always in a subordinate position at her place of employment. Sir and Mom really have over-riding control over her life. That’s tough enough for the maid. She must at least be given the right to leave employment if she has decided she’s had enough, just as the rest of us do.

I guess getting a good (whatever that means) maid is really the luck of the draw. I’m hoping I get lucky with mine. If she quits on me and my mom, I am definitely not going to blow into agencies like the hurricane with big hair whom I encountered. If I did and if I were a maid, I wouldn’t work for me either.    

Login with your Singpass to see your prospective FDW's employment history.  Some agencies are more pro-active and will print a copy and attach together with the transfer maid's bio-data.

Take note, FDW will have a work permit number that will remain no matter how many passports she had, come to Spore how many times or transferred.  The work permit number will change if she comes in using a different name.

If you encounter agency (irregardless of fresh maid or transfer maid) that pushes you to sign here and there, blank forms, no explanation from your agent or any figure written .... open your eyes, open your golden mouth, otherwise, prepare to open your wallet widely. 

If your agent has no patience and is rushing you to Pay and Sign, I suggest you avoid them because they just want your money the fastest way.  They are indirectly telling you, don't waste our time, just pass me your wallet 金主! 

Count yourself lucky if you get a good agency, an agent who listens to you correctly, did not try to make you lower your expectations or reprimand you (I encountered at Coronation Plaza), didn't show any frustration/act very busy when you ask questions and could nicely explain things to you. 

There are so many maid agencies in Spore.  As long as your requirements look reasonable, as per contract terms, didn't overload your FDW, I would expect agent to carry out his/her duty, do proper job matching and don't try to persuade Employers to give maid 24/7 mobile, a private room and treat maid like HUMAN BEINGS.  I get very annoyed when people or agent say these "Treat maid like human or Treat her like a family member".  By saying these, I felt agents assumed most employers expolited their maids and didn't treat them well, thus, need to remind me my 'obligations'.  They stressed on the rights of maid but NOT our RIGHTS to get a good helper ... because we paid so much!

Treating a maid too well will not guarantee you an appreciative/good maid in return... if you bother to read my blog.  Maids these days are too hard to please, like to compare benefits, cannot carry out chores correctly and behave like princesses .... waiting for employers to serve and pamper them.... bad attitude, thought we owe them a good life to work as FDW.  Maid has to deliver a proper job in order to get better benefits, as a form of reward or recognition of her good service.  FDWs have to know no pay no gain, they are not here to be leeches, got to earn our trust and get rewards.

Ask FDW 'stupid' questions, something that you assume is common knowledge or she ought to know as a transfer maid.  When interviewing a transfer maid, ask her for her job expectations and:
1. how often she uses her mobile (this is important if you cannot afford day time distraction like me), chit-chat or Facebook, etc.  How much she spent on her top up card, etc.

2. What's the working environment in her ex-employer's house (HDB, landed property, do what duties, wake up/sleep at what time, how she looks after baby or children, etc)

3. What kind of things her ex-employer bought her

4. What she dislikes about her ex-employer, what she likes about her ex-employer
5. Where she goes on off days, what food she buys, how much she spends, etc
6. Hygiene - Hair, nails, cleaning/sanitising, time she spent to shower, wash hair, etc
7. Her outstanding loan, how much she need to top up and be transferred to a new employer (hope to get maid wakes up, each transfer she has to pay agency so she better think properly and adjust her working mentality)
8. what sort of food she can cook by herself, how she prepares from step 1 till the food is ready to eat
9. Why kenna transferred (maid unlikely to tell you the truth but no harm asking in the presence of the agent)

By getting the maid to speak, you can gauge her level of understanding.  Don't ask Yes or No questions.  Try to ask creative questions, something she hasn't been 'programmed' to answer.

Note: Filipino maids are very particular about off days, keep long hair and hold her mobile.  So if you are particular on these, do be assertive.  Some filipinos agree for no off days (without any hesitation, they are programmed to say Yes and later pester you for off days, mobile, etc .... otherwise, pretend they weren't the ones to agree to your harsh terms).  You must remind FDW, she cannot agree now and then ask for it later, it will be a 2-year contract, not 2 days or 2 months.  For your protection, get the maid to write down her promises and committment.  Don't be a silly employer like me to trust maid's words, only to get her making endless requests... irritating.  Even after writing down in the presence of agent, maid can still pretend to forget or thought she can keep trying her luck.  Most maids don't honour their words ... liars, yet claimed they were forced to agree to our requirements!  

If a maid lied to get a job, she is a cheater, no excuse should be used to make her look like a victim.  The fault is obviously maid's, employer shouldn't get the blame, it is very unfair to penalise the person that paid so much for her and her agency.  An employer who clearly stated her requirements during interviews has no fault because she is honest!  FDW accepted a job should behave like a grown up, a true human being, an employee by respecting the terms and deliver a proper job.  No employer in Spore deserves to employ a baby-FDW and act as her 'mother' or 'guardian'.  Who says it is our duty to babysit and give FDW an enjoyable work cum wonderful holiday in Spore?

Agency reviews:
1) A1 Employment Agency
Posted online May 2013 - I got a maid in Dec. Very self-centred person. She was sent back by her ex-China employers straight to airport after working for one year. Both agency and the maid claimed that the ex-employer locked her up when they went for holidays but with food provided. The maid found this agency before she was sent back to Indonesia and found her way out. The agency arranged her to go Batam and came to Singapore for as a visitor for employers to view. First off day, the helper came back 15mins late without apologies, yet told me she went back to agency and one of the agents asked the other maid to bring her to beach party at Sentosa!!. On the second off day. My helper brought $20 out as still on loan. Guess what, she said she give a treat to friends and give coins to beggars. Her friend asked her to borrow $10 but she say she dont have. In the end her friend gave her $10...etc. Trying to confuse me with merry go round stories after I told her that what she has told me, the amount did not telly. Why she still have $5 extra. It just happened that we went out before her on that Sunday. I called up agency. She only listen to the maid and told me what the maid has told her. then she ask me to call up manager the next day. I told her the story and ask her to speak to my maid to find out. She replied me with "HAH? Now? I have customer! I told her then can she called back later. She answered ok but I didnt her reply till now its has been 3 month!! Now its 4 mths plus, and I found out that my maid stole my wifi code number to use on her phone. Sigh. The last agency I went, will still called up to check how we were doing after 1 month. Just that the maid does not turned up well. But no matter how I called them or emailed to them, they will response within 24 hrs with patience, and solve the problems the maid gave me.

Posted online Jan 2013 - Hi all, just wanted to share a recent experience. I hired a maid from A1 Employment Agency in December 2012. Within 3 days, the maid claimed that she has stomach ulcer and that she wanted to return home. I was taken back as i had paid the agency about $4400 to get her ($1399 agency fees, $2600 placement fee, etc). When i told that she would need to return these monies to the agency before she can ...return, she claimed that her grandfather was rich enough to pay and that she had already the day before, informed me to send the monies.

I was more shocked and contacted the agency. The agency rep spoke to her over the phone and informed me that the maid indeed wanted to return home and that they would check with her family if she can settle the payments. The next day, the agent from the maid's country called and spoke to her for a long while. Obviously i could not understand the language and thought naively that the agent was advising her to stay put since it has only been 3 days. But i was wrong. The maid told me that her agent advised her to return to the Singapore agency.

Given this scenario, i had no choice but to return her to the agency and we called the agency to inform that we would be returning her and to wait for us as we had to travel from Jurong to Orchard at 7pm and the agency would close at 8.00pm. We reached the carpark at 7.58pm and went up to the A1 Employment agency at 8.01pm.  To our shock, the agency was closed. When we got the rep's mobile number from the maid and called her, her reply was that she was off work and that she would not return to pick the maid up and demanded that we send her to her house. I tried to explain to her that i wanted to do a proper handover but she did not budge. Even calling the police did not help and after hours of waiting, we had to send the maid to the rep's house and film the handover with my mobile phone (evidence of handover since no documents were signed).

Then obviously, the whole family suffered without a maid from the time we handed her over. Both hubby and I couldn't work for 3 weeks until my in-laws came to help.   To cut the story short, i lost about $2000 to the agency and a few more thousands by not being able to work (Both hubby and i are self-employed). I cannot get another maid for 30 days or until this maid gets transferred out as per the Agency's contract. On top of making me pay for the SIP fees, insurance, maid's boarding fees ($210), her levy ($170), the Agency also wanted me to pay a full month's salary of $420 when she only worked 3 days for me. After i stated that if she wanted full month's salary, she must return and work for me, the Agency reduced this to 3 days.

Now, i am getting a partial refund of the placement fees and insurance premium but my request for a partial refund of the agency fees has been unreasonably denied. I engaged the agency to get me a maid. Now i dont have a maid because she wanted to return. The maid is now under new employers with the benefit of 4 compulsory off days and higher pay. The Agency made another $1399 from the new employers and i understand also made the maid pay 2 months of salary as penalty by charging the new employers a higher placement fees.

To all of you out there relying on foreign maids, the message is that the maid industry is self-regulated and very unfair. Most of them are simply exploiting both employers and maids. MOM only regulates the employer-maid issues. The Agencies adopt an unfair contract which is one-sided and penalizing to employers. Much needs to be done to make this fair for us, employers.

2) SLF Green Maid Agency
Posted online May 2011 - Bad experience with SLF. The experienced and good maid which they so highly recommended actually come with no work experience and did not receive any training as the agency had claimed. The biodata was FAKE! When feedback the problem to agency, the staff will keeping avoid calls / Emails. Or simply accused employer as Pick and problematic . There is no service provided to employer as long as you already paid.

Posted online Jun 2011 - Yup I agree totally. Two years ago, I got a filipino maid, supposed to have experienced in Kuwait and looking after children. After the phone interview, we took this maid, thinking that being a filipino, she can read, comprehend instructions from us and household labels. She spoke simple English, though not fluent. When she arrived, she was a disaster. She cannot understand us. She cannot speak ENGLISH. We had to repeat all instructions to our nerve daily. We were getting mad and impatient. She was conversing English with all that mixed up tone and pitch and it sounds like she is swallowing or singing. I was devastated and felt cheated by SLF. I asked the agent, the boss, Mr Yeo, I think... He put the blame on Wida, the sales consultant who got this maid for us. He says that this maid should not be coming to singapore and is not selected by him because she did not pass the test in Philippines. We did not go to him again and chose another agency instead. He gave us some money back, after deducting $500 as penalty.

Posted online Mar 2012We are very disappointed with SLF Green, cause we've paid everything and eagerly waiting for our new maid to arrived ( they've confirmed it to me, so that i let my current maid go back to indonesia as her contract is finished) but suddenly they told us she lost her passport and then they push for transfer maid, Myanmarese which according to them she is hardworking and only problem is her english is not good. But soon after using her 10 days later.. we realized that actually she is not honest and cause many trouble! we return the maid to the agency and again have to wait for another 3 weeks to get new maid which passport is ready to come to Singapore! The agency couldn't confirm the date and everything.! meanwhile we have paid fully agent fee, maid's loan in advance and lot of ++ fee at the end cause you change the maid... which the fault is not cause by us!

Posted online Jun 2012 - Yes, totally agreed, never get maid from SLF Green. When I signed the contract, I wonder why there is a penalty of $500 if I do not want the 2nd maid, the agent told me "just in case" but the chances are v low cos they can pick the maid carefully. Their maid quality are sucks, customer services even worst after you rejected the maid. The worst agency that i have encounter.

Posted online Jul 2012 - I am having an ex-Sing Myanmarese fr SLF. She is temperamental (literally show her displeasure), has bad-attitude and super lazy/shoddy. I have complained to SLF to which they counselled her twice but to no avail. So I had no choice but to ask for replacement. But twice, SLF disappointed us and cannot deliver replacement with plenty of excuses. It's been 3 weeks and staff will not call or update and we have to continuously call. So far it has been disappointing news after news. Now I'm waiting for a return call fr SLF's boss, Mr Yeo to find out what is happening. Wish we found out about this website earlier. Perhaps the reason why they are changing 'SLF Green Maid Agency' to 'EP One Manpower Pte Ltd' because of the increasing bad publicity and complaints.

Posted online Jan 2013 - OMG!!! Wish I had found this site earlier!
I have already signed up with them a few months ago! They gave me the world' laziest and dumbest maid! She was a transfer and I took her becos they gave me the excuse that the maid was mildly abused in the previous house and hence didn't wish to continue there after 5 months! She spoke fairly well after interviewing her for an hour! bloody waste of my time! I was a moron to have believed them! After 2 months I sent the dumbo packing! Everyday I have to repeat myself the same instructions! Even written instructions didnt help! Every other day I m screaming cos she has ruined something or done something wrong! The list is so long I can't even be bothered to type it out! Btw! Simply becos she is a "transfer" maid, I could interview her in person so my agency fees is over $1200 instead of the $600+!! (Just the agency fees alone! There’s alot of other fees which i paid too!) When I called subsequently to ask why so much more ex, they told me cos can interview "in person"!!!

Then I requested for a new maid. They said with "passport ready" can expedite! Said most prob in 6 week! Guess wad? At the end of 6 weeks, she supposedly didn't pass her medical in Phil and can't come till further check. They suspected that she is preg! After 2 weeks they called again to tell me that she has passed her medical cos there is a "foreign object" in her but its fine and she can come in one half weeks! When I queried abt the "foreign object", they told me dunno wad it is but she apparently cleared her medical after all. Now I m left wondering if she wants to make use of her insurance to claim for wad ever surgery here in sg after she comes to me!!!

Plus this second maid doesn't come "free" either despite the one year free change of maids on the contract! I have to fork out another ridiculous $600+ for wad ever fees!
Now I m so stranded! Argh! Tough luck for me going to this place. Please don't ever ever go to this agency if u want a maid at all!
Btw, I m not sure wad kind of stories or excuses they made up but apparently someone else seems to have been again too! It appears from their website that my dumbo maid has been "taken" again!   

Posted online May 2013 - Dear ALL Prospective Maid Hirers,

These guys are the biggest frauds. They will tell you false things about maid and push you maids who are unfit to work. When you are totally harassed and pissed off and ask for refund they will tell you that refund will be processed after some time and then keep giving fresh dates without processing the refund.

The staff is very rude and doesnt have any apathy for customers

Posted online Feb 2012 - I paid a deposit of $150 to 'reserve' a maid. But eventually decided not to take the maid the next day. I called to ask for refund. It has been more than a month and despite chasing, I still haven't gotten my refund. They kept giving excuses- accounts staff on leave, accounts staff is new etc. Every time i call them, they will keep extending the date of refund. And they never return my calls or emails! I don't know if I will ever get my refund! Avoid dealing with this agency!

Posted online Mar 2012 - Having the same problem with this agency. Lots of delay and lies and end up giving you maids that is lousy and cant speak english. When you want to return the maid, they said below 1 mth, you must pay for the maid's 1 mth salary. Its the worst maid agency in Singapore.

Posted online Apr 2012 - I'm got lots of complaint with this company as well I would like to specific it was Gek Poh branch it's a One man show, lots of delays worse its was run by a fillipino.  Thousands of excuse for delay.  My maid is already with me for 2 months and I have yet to receive the passport and permit from them, I received letter from the MOM saying that it is ready for collection, when I call the agency she ask me to inore the letter and say their runner has collected just that he is not free to bring to the agency!

Posted online Apr 2012 - Perfect Team Maid Agency is by far the worst agency ever!! All your comments and complaints above seem to be exactly like my experience. I dealt with the bukit timah brances, both - one on 1st floor with michelle & one on 2nd floor with doris. The people are horrid, rude, act like they're doing a favor on you by even looking at you. They keep complimenting a particular maid, telling you she's best suited for you etc etc ... later when things dont work out - they refuse to refund you the money and dont respond to your emails or phone calls. If you do manage to track them down - they keep you delayed for months for loan money!! I have finally gotten my loan amt back after 2 months and I swear, I never want to see the faces of these unprofessional, disgusting women!! Gosh!! What a nightmare dealing with them!!!

Posted online Jul 2012 -  No wonder Doris was pushing me to sign contracts today, without even explaining what they were for! Ridiculous... She kept saying, "Just sign first, just sign first".. So glad I told her off, saying I'm absolutely not gonna put my signature anywhere unless I know what it's for. And in the end, since she kept pushing, I insist on dwelling on it for a few days. Wah, she so in a hurry ask me pay for the agency fees of almost $900, she think what... 90cent is it?

Posted online Nov 2012 - My story is the same as yours at this maid agency with up to six branches - Perfect Te*m Maid Agency Pte Ltd (handled by Katong Branch staff called Ka*turi) ... maid profile states fair English, arrives late after repeated chasing, cannot speak or understand any English at all, maid returned to agency after messing up the place, and I'm told I lose one month of her salary from the loan and all the agency service fees.

I asked for balance of the salary loan to be refunded but ignored by the staff over 10 different occasions ... MOM says they don't handle any dispute or dishonesty; AEAS which "accreditates" the agency says pay S$50 before I handle your dispute. 3 months passes and still no refund of this $3000+ sum. Can you believe this is allowed to happen in Singapore?

This agency has got six branches island-wide - imagine the harm they brought to many people if this pattern gets repeated ... and they lose nothing because they resell the maid to another employer, making money from them again and also from the maid for the transfer. Some call this rip off and day light robbery, yet they get aware with it from the authorities. Be aware everyone! Heed the people's advice above to save yourself from unspeakable headaches!

Posted online Apr 2013 - i am also a victim of this agency. . offer lousy maids, then when pursuing for a refund that never came back... still waiting... i really cannot believe AEAS can still accreditate such agency even after so many complaints? come on, really... wake up!!!  i am going to Small Claims Tribunals and make a big case out of this... else this will always happen to anybody.

4) Jack Focus Maid Agency
I would like to inform you all about the poor service provided by Jack Focus Maid Agency - Katong Branch.  Within the span of 3 months, I've received poor and probably "dishonest" service at multiple instances.

a. We took a maid, which was already at the agency. The agency informed that "the previous employer went overseas and hence returned the maid". Later through the maid we came to know that this is not true.

b. The maid's attitude was not good, so we asked for a replacement. We selected a maid & were given 1 month timeline. After 1 month, when we enquired, the maid was already released to someone else. Miscommunication was given as the reason.

c. They asked to select another maid, who has a ready passport. Then the maid can come in 2-3 weeks. We did the same. Only after 2 weeks, they confirmed the arrival date. On arrival date, they said maid has arrived and we can come for collection. One day before collection date, they said the maid is still in Indonesia and they would let us know the arrival date next week.

The maid agency is run very unprofessionally. Once they take your money, you either forgo your money or keep suffering. We thought "Jack Neo's" name would provide good service.. Alas, not true!!!

Posted online Jan 2011 - I have asked for a maid since last year 14 th of dec 2010. The new maid from philippine did arrive but fail the test in singapore. They never do a proper check on the maids standard of education. Then we have to wait for another few weeks, in the mean time, we got a transfer maid while waiting for another new maid from Philippine. The transfer maids is a headache, simply cannot trust. WE have to send her back after 4 days. Now until this date, 24/1. Our new maid still stuck at philippine. I really wonder whether are they serious about maid business.

Posted online Feb 2012 - I have more than 12 years of maid-employing experience and I avoid going to the same agency. Guess what? I think Jack Focus is the worst among the 6 or 7 I have used! They failed and cancel my returning maid's WP and ended up my returning maid needed to carry the WP with her when she was repatriated! The new replacement maid from Jack Focus was not satisfactory, when I contacted them in early Sep, they asked me to give her a chance to try.

I called in Nov, asked for maid replacement, they said no bio data. I called in Dec, they said the same, due to Xmas. I called in Jan, they said will email me bio-data, which nothing came through at all! Bunch of lies and irresponsible! I told myself to give Jack Focus one last contact and called them last week... the in charge said, "A? Why didn't you send your maid back?"

Posted online May 2012 - Totally agree to all. Its the first time I hire a maid and the experience with Jack Focus is really really bad. Our first maid came and went after two weeks saying she misses home and the second one only 2 days also misses home. Would you still want to employ maids from them? We have not ill-treated them, they just have to do normal housework and help look after kids when needed, able to rest and sleep by 10.30pm very night. I dont get to sleep at 10.30pm if my kids are still up. Every change of maid $ is involve so far we have fork out $4.3K and have received bad services from them. I requested for the third replacement quickly without cost as we are not the one who reject and return the maid it has been the maid that does not want to work. They say it’s impossible and the bio data of other possible maid require that I top to $ again. So I decided to go to other agency.

Guess what they refund me: only $2.2k out of the $4.3K. They have deducted $400 for terminating the contract which is not due to us and $450 the monthly wages for a maid that only wants to work for 2 days. All these are bloody unreasonable. Who can we go to to get help with these? They always mentioned but the contract say so. Yah...but contract say if we terminate but now its the maid they provide does not want to work. They are the ones who terminate the contract not us. And we are the one to bare all costs.

Posted online Oct 2012 - Jack focus staffs are really ill mannered. I have very bad experience with this Agency.
The staff who was in charge of my maid co-ordination did not do her follow up properly and caused my maid's work permit to be revoked by MOM just 2 months after she has been with us. We were quite satisfied with maid and have never thought of terminating her. However, it was a total shock for us to receive a letter from MOM telling that the permit has been revoked. Upon investigation, I found out that the agency did not submit an important form which the staff had asked me to fill in and they will mail for me. I have checked with government board and the reply was they did not receive any application.

The package costed us around 1k and this is what I had. I had to run between CPF and MOM ask they have very tight deadline for me to re-instate the permit.
When I called up the agency to esquire about this matter and how should I re-instate the permit, the original staff who handed this case was on leave and her colleague who had answered the call was very nervous and SHOUTED at me over the phone. I was not loud (on normal tone only) when I asked what had happened at their end. She was so LOUD and bad mannered that I had to stopped her half way.   I will not hire any maid through this agency anymore.

Posted online Dec 2012 - TOTALLY AGREE TO ALL OF THE ABOVE! I had just experienced yesterday though I'm not asking for a new maid. I only requested for them to do a service for a renewal of work permit for my domestic worker. The staff, Lily from katong branch service is so bad. She has no patience at all !!! She gave us a 'black' face and a impatient attitude towards us from the time we stepped in as if we had killed her whole family.

We had planned to come to jack focus to look for a new maid as we thought since jack neo is the spokesperson for them, service will not be that bad but to our shock, the service is the worst we've ever received from a maid agency.

Posted online Jan 2013 - Bukit timah jack focus caused me much frustration too. They do not know what are agency for? They just want $, no service and no follow up and keep coming up with excuses to defend their mistake . They really sucks !

Posted online Mar 2013 - Totally agree. I got a transfer maid from them in may 2012 and she wants to go back in feb 2013. The staff LILY is THE WORST customer service staff i have ever encountered. She RUDE, LOUD and totally ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Very ill mannered woman. She treats the customers like how she shouts at her maid.
I asked her how much i have to pay for the remaining of the pay of my maid, she just slammed on my phone. Avoid jack focus katong branch at ALL cost unless you want to be shouted at. No wonder they have 3 demerit points from MOM.

Posted online Mar 2013 - Agree! I had the same experience at Katong branch too. Not sure the management got problem, or the staff got problem. Perhaps in their management's eyes, Katong staff is a good staff for them...No customer service at all, but only knows how to get $$$ from customer!

5) Perfect Maid Agency

Posted online Apr 2012 - Please think a zillion million times before engaging the services of Perfect Team Maid Agency.

- Owner: Mr. Jeffrey Teo ... does not have the audacity to return calls and leaves it all to his staff.
- this agency is not first of all not accredited whatsoever with the
Phillipines Embassy of Singapore.
- shady service rendered
- thousand and one excuses which is of no relevance

Posted online Sep 2012They will recommend maids with good working experience, etc. Than they inform you that they have documentation problems, medical problems, etc. After 2 weeks of delay they give you a maid who is unable to speak or understand English or Chinese. Do not go to Perfect Team Maid agency...I pity those maids who have to pay thousands of dollars to the agency and later sent home...

6) 3M's Manpower And Services
Posted online Oct 2012 - Do not deal with this horrible maid agency!
They are very unprofessional! We sent back our maid because she was stealing from us? Instead of being considerate and helpful as we paid then $488 in agency fee they asked us not to disclose that we let go of the maid because she was stealing to her future employers.  Then they decide to send her back to her home country and made us pay for her airfare.

Now we are entitled to an unlimited replacement that they have not provided for a month? They asked us to com edown to their agency anytime to interview replacements and when we were there, there was only one maid available for interview.  We tried asking for a refund because clearly this agency is up to no good. The owner, Amy Manalang, started shouting at us! She was very unprofessional! Save yourself the trouble and do not get the service of this agency!

7) JPB Maid Agency
Posted online Sep 2012 My sister has employed a maid from JPB maid pte ltd (hougang branch), as she is going overseas the maid actually stay in singapore to look after my mum, niece n bro-in-law.
After the agency has received the total sum of deposit n payment for the maid, their attitude change immediately. We r totally disappointed with the "couldn't care less" attitude and was astonished by his shouting voice from the branch manager.
He even ridicule at my mum's english when she was trying to interview the maids, wat a jerk he is. The transferred maid over there sucks. I respect them as a human but i hate dishonesty. In the biodata the first maid they employed stated "single" but when she is in the house she told my mom that she is actually married and have a son!!!
Whoa... I dun see any reason for them to lie their martial status... i only care to see their capabilities in working as a domestic helper...

The first maid was send back to agency after 9 days of the stay cos my mom caught her washing dishes above a defrosted fish they r goin to cook for DINNER!~!!! The second maid they selected from that agency was even worse. She is very poor in personal hygiene n have a severe problem of B.O. The house was a mess when she came, those things that had been tidied was being mess up by her, she even misplaced my niece's homework n her teacher punished her for not bringing the work. When my mom was trying to teach her well in the household chores she wouldnt listen n do them in her way, in the end she got everything wrong. And the time they reprimanded her, she always had her own lame excuses, wouldnt admit her mistakes n wouldnt improve. She expects them to cook for her meals cos she dunno her to cook even in her biodata stating tat she can cook.

She broke a chair n a lamp n when my bro-in-law was so furious, she bragged that she would let him to deduct her salary for the breakage of things, but by the time she was at the agency she framed my bro-in-law that he threatened her to sign the agreement for the breakage payment!!!  Because of that maid, their house was in havoc, my mom's lost lots of weight and in a bad shape. This maid agency is a fraud, scamming company.

Posted online Nov 2008 - This agency is a scamming agency. They pushed a maid which have mental problem to us and claimed that she doesnt know anything. And when we complained to them, they do not want to bother about it initially. But after much complains, then they changed another one to us unwillingly. The maid of theirs also is unable to work for long. And the agent just want us to keep changing maid so that they can gain more profit!

Posted online Jul 2009 - I'm really angry with the service provided by the agency now. Totally poor service and inefficient.  I got my maid from the Hougang Green outlet. After 7 months, i called the agency back to complaint about my current maid. The staff on the phone cut me off and asked:" So what do you want now?" So left with no choice, i said i wanted to change my maid.

To cut the long story short, i selected an Indo maid, made payment for the insurance and after waiting for 2 weeks, the agency called me and told me the maid was sick and so went back to her kampong. She can't come to Singapore.  Then again left with no choice, i got to select another maid again. But now while i'm selecting another maid, i requested a refund of my insurance payment and they told me the refund will need to take 3 weeks... their policy.

So my advice is don't use this agency. No service at all. The only service they provide is biodata for you to chose that all and they take your money real quickly and take forever to refund you.

Posted online Dec 2010i got a maid from Hougang Green, the first maid i send back to agent on 30-09-2010, untill 14-12-2010 they just inform me to collect the cheque for insurance refund, 2nd maid i send back to agent on 23-10-10 until today i still not receive the insurance refund, i call n ask they answer "not so fast must wait for at least one month"...

the 1st maid the ask me you want to buy a air ticket for her to go back to her hometown, due to i urgent need the replace maid so i buy for her a air ticket n agent charge me for s$188.oo, after one month later i saw this maid appear at their bio data, i call n ask n they derecognition.  i got a feeling this agencies is dishonest.

Posted online Feb 2011I'm totally agree as i'm also encouter a damn bad service from this maid agency (branch Elias) and they will not bother to entertain once they recv'd the payment fm us. And when we encounter problem with the maid, they will not help us to resolve n they will request us to resolve it by ourselves and also demand us to pay of all those unnecessary expenses incurred which suppose to be under their responsibility. I had made a complaint to AEAS but seem they are on their side and not helping us as consumer at all.

Posted online Mar 2012its been one week n i m not getting my maid WP...the ppl at katong branch are always busy...and even said that there are shortage of manpower so we have to wait...wat rubbish...!!!

Posted online Jun 2012 I've encountered the same problem at Bukit Timah Branch where the maid after 1 month with us and after going through care giver training to look after elderly person decided not to work. She couldn't take it coz missing the family at least thats what her reason to us. Mind you we paid for her training. After returning the maid to the agent, there is no update on my request for a replacement. Called them and would be informed that they will check and get back to me, but they never did. Twice asked me to call at certain days but only to find out that the girl that served us was on her off day.

If I terminate with the agency, it would be my fault and will have to pay some sum of money for early termination.  My mistake was to pay the loan on the maid in full. This is what we were treated once we at full. We are at their mercy. The more I see their ad featuring the media corp artist the more I felt like writing to these artists that they are helping this unreliable and irresponsible agency to make money but wash hands when problem surface.

18 Apr - How to get a good transfer maid?  No guaranteed way!
I am a honest person who believe we must be transparent, don't lie to get a job and treat my house/my girl as toy.  What my FDW need to do in my house, she has to know during face-to-face interviews.  My only mistake is I didn't ask FDW to write down her committment and what she understood, the job scope that I have illustrated and her expectations.  I learnt that this is a serious mistake, after having so many transfer maids.  You cannot trust a FDW!  Have black and white proof to safeguard your interests.  FDW will say 'OK' to everything that you said during interviews, how OK is OK, you'll know when she joined your household. 

My advice to employers looking for transfer maids, ask them to write in English, don't write for her and ask her to sign because she is very likely to say didn't see, don't understand or don't know what she has signed!  Also, she might get you mixed up with other prospective employer's requirements.  Even with a native agent to translate, my FDWs can still claim don't know .... this is extremely frustrating.  To me, they are liars!
There may be a lot of good employers but in order to protect themselves, they are labelled as BAD.  Bad doesn't mean the maid is abused or ill-treated by employer, it means maid didn't get the 'sweets' that she wanted eg a better life - short working hours, high salary, plenty official time-off during working hours at the expense of employers.  As long as you didn't give in or match maid's expectations, you're very likely to be tagged BAD or lousy employer.

Maid will ask you for a transfer or make you get frustrated/angry and kick her back to agent.  If she refused to change to fit your employment, it is likely she doesn't need a job, can afford to pay agency 1 to 2 months fee to transfer out.  It is hard to believe FDW doesn't know she need to pay agent fee.  Is there any agent who does a service for free?  If FDW need not pay transfer fee, does it mean agency encourages more of their FDWs to transfer so that FDWs can be recycled again and again, make more employers suffer and pay non-refundable high agency fee ranging from S$500 to 1600 per transfer maid?  If FDW really need not pay transfer fee, I suggest you run away from that agency.  FDW has nothing to lose, aren't you afraid she will partner with agency to make you kick her out after working short-term so that agency can fish for new clients (employers)?

It is unbelievable FDW doesn't know one month salary, eg S$500 is 16681 peso/3930023 rupiah/356153 kyat/21842 rupee.  If money is important, I am sure she knows how to count and try not to waste it.  By getting maid knows and understands how much her agent is charging her, I feel money will make a person open her eyes and stop being too princess.  If money wasted or going to be wasted can't make a maid change her working mentality, her stubbornness, eg my JA, sad to say, you're landing in the same mess as me!  Obviously, money is not that important or she can afford to waste her money and your time cum money. 

It is not that we are not trying to give FDWs a benefit of doubt, deny their chances to work but my experiences showed such FDWs are not worth giving chance.  In their heart, they could be laughing at you, nobody wanted them, they have not been given any interview yet you're willing to hire them.  Don't be as stupid as me.  Felt uneasy, go to another agency.  Don't be lazy to move your ass out and deny agent a chance to persuade you.  It is a chore to walk from one place to another and repeating your requirements.... what to do, I realised maid agencies hardly reply emails so you need to walk-in.

If an experience maid or somebody who has been transferred at least twice within a year, simply cannot hold on to a contract for one year, I would rather give her a miss.  Don't be too soft hearted to believe she wasn't given enough food, ah-ma doesn't like her, she worked long hours, made to work in 2 houses or the kids don't like her.

It is not true that maids are paid more in Hong Kong because what Sg employers paid for inexperience are higher than HK or Taiwan experience domestic helpers (DH).  Taking the new starting pay of filipino, S$500 with weekly off days and MOM levy of $170/265, Sg employers paid inexperienced filipino FDWs at least S$670 each month, excluding live-in expenses and initial agency fees such as insurance, SIP.  Our MOM ate part of their salary by insisting employers must pay monthly levy and cannot let the FDWs have it. 

Some employers suggested accummulating the monthly levy and give to FDW as bonus for successful completion of a 2-year contract but MOM refused.  What can we do, nothing!  How do we, the employers showed that we really paid a lot for FDWs, no way, MOM may tweak its policy if more voices are received!   Employers and FDWs in Spore, suggest you email MOM to feedback: mom_fmmd@mom.gov.sg or write in to Ministry of Manpower, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764 with your real name and ID.  If you or your friend has really been treated like slave, do feedback to MOM, they would love to render help and make employers go thru a dreadful ordeal!!  If you want to cook up stories, fake you have been abused, work like a robot, be prepared to be punished or fined as well as have your picture uploaded, you will be famous!  If you want to fake or act, be a professional actress, do your role play and don't let the law catch you being naughty.

How will FDW be motivated and felt rewarded at the end of a 2-year contract .... well, all depends on individual employer.  Most will give 10% salary increment if FDW renews contract.  Some affordable (rich) employers, gave one month salary as bonus.  Those who chose to job hop will lose out on home leave entitlement.  Employers are not required by law to give FDW 15 days paid home leave and a return ticket to visit home, for FDW who failed to work exactly 2 years in the same household and renewing contract.

When you see bio-data of FDW who worked short-term in Hong Kong and decided to run back to Spore for better protection and benefits, you know she failed to survive in a land of dream.  By coming back to Spore, she has new loan to pay agents, she will be classified as ex-Sin and ex-HK experience maid, demanding higher salary!  She might not be a desirable domestic maid, she could remain as a stubborn person, unwilling to change to match the expectations of Sg, HK or Taiwan employers and hard to please, super fussy.  Such FDW need to be employed by a demanding employer, let her be awakened and realise what is 身在福中不知福! 

Based on past experience, do not hire FDWs classified as ex-Sin and ex-HK experience maid.  They are mostly uncooperative and stubborn, thinking too highly of themselves, will ask for lots of 'sweets'.  Imagine what kind of reaction a pampered child will show if you refuse to buy sweet or a toy.... it is similiar to an adult-insensible and beyond reasoning FDW.

There are good and bad people.  Nobody is perfect because we are human beings.  But to be a better human being (employee/FDW/DH), you can if you want to!  Don't give excuse to err is human rights!  You can change to fit the requirements of your employer if you need a job.  If your employer is not that bad, why can't you change your bad behaviour and working mentality?  Why insist on irritating your employers for more 'sweets'?? 

It makes both parties have a better life if both are clear on what you wanted.  It is hard to believe if you're a good worker but your employer treated you extremely nasty.  An employee should ask 'what have I done wrong', 'what have I contributed' and not 'What can my employer offer me to make me happy, motivated and work as FDW' or 'how to get my employer to agree to some expat/special benefits'.  Have open communication, talk to your FDW/employer.  If FDW remains incorrigible like my ex-Indo maid M, she has to go back to agency and waste 2 months salary in order to be recycled.  We, both are losers, agency earned our money!! They are the real winners!

Till date, I am still waiting for my refund (maid outstanding loan).  Agency at Katong Shopping Centre, specialiases in Indo maid (agency is near main entrance) said I just need to wait 3 weeks but already 4 weeks and cheque is still not ready.

26 Mar - M failed to work well is partly due to agency's fault.  The agent just want to sell/recycle its FDWs, regardless whether fit employer's requirements or maid's ability.  Mentioned a few times to agent that he failed to source replacement maid based on my basic requirement, ie must be married, age 30 to 36 years old and above 1.52 cm tall.  He tend to provide biodatas of those single and shorties, around 1.45 cm.  Till the day I sent M back to agency, he didn't stop pointing his fingers to transfer maids sitting in his agency, who didn't meet my basic requirements.  Despite my correction, till now, he still changed my surname.... a point to show how insincere and unprofessional he is.

An agent who just wants to earn high agency fee and doesn't care about proper job matching ... all thanks to MOM's pro-agent policies (click).  I have not seen any maid agency being punished and returned all the rightful money to the employer.  MOM just want to shake legs and encourage agencies as well as FDWs to bully us, the employers, their ATM machines.  This agency is located in Katong Shopping Centre, near to level 1 entrance, specialises in Indonesian maid, no other nationalities.  Still waiting for a reasonable refund, if amount is too low, I'll provide its name to warn other employers.

26 Feb - I'm still trying very hard to find a replacement.  Having no personal mobile phone on working days is a NO-NO for transfer maids, I really need to find fresh maid hoping her demands will be lower and stay unpolluted in school.  Had been communicating with agencies who just email me bio data without looking at my requirement, eg age and height.  Some even got my family spelt wrong on purpose.  Realised the transfer maid quality is extremely bad these days, they have unrealistic demands.  Encountered a few instances whereby the agencies asked will a separate room be given.  I don't live in a big house with many guest rooms, of course I said no, she'll share the room with my girl, each having own single bed, side by side.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~1 Feb - Few days ago, spoke to one agent about my phobia in getting Indonesian maids .... they are out of my wanted list, not going to hire any of them!  Agent said Indonesians are 'programmed' to do only one task, sound familiar?  OMG!  Either childcare, cook or housework, cannot make them be an all rounder.  That makes me saying a firm NO to hiring another Indonesian to drive me to my grave!
If Indonesian maids can't multi-task, why come to Spore? 
Who needs a maid full day  (at least 9 hours) to do housework?  I don't need!  Do you?
Who needs a maid full day to do childcare?  50% of M's time is for my girl!  The other 50% do what?  Let her watch TV or chat on her mobile?  Paid her so much to enjoy a good life .... better than mine? 

I really don't understand why agents like to push Indonesians.  Nobody wants?  Can earn more as agency fee?  More chances for them to be kickd out and recycled?

Last time people employed Indonesians because they are cheaper, willing to accept no handphone and most do not get monthly off days.  Now, it is not the case. 

Fresh Indonesian maids, including those on transfer (still within maid loan period) made employers fork out the most as agency money, English poor, capable of handling only one task, do things in slow motion and mostly stand at: 1.45cm to 1.50cm.  To employ shorties, you better not ask them do bamboo laundry.  If they fall out of your window, you will be in deep shit!  MOM, HDB and activists will not pity you.  Maids have to attend SIP course which is suppose to highlight about safety and working in Spore.  But how many really remember theory and put into proper use?  MOM penalises employer for bad things related to maid, this is a fact!

If modern maids have good working attitude and trainable, how nice would it be?
If MOM can read my blog and try to think of employers who are going thru the same agony as me, spare a thought for us, be kind to us when making policies, how smooth would my life be?

You shouldn't employ a fresh Indonesian maid (those who have not completed 1 year in Spore) if :
- you are a full time working woman like me,
- non-Malay/Bahasa speaking employer,
- have no time keep monitoring and reminding maid,
- not a tape recorder which can rewind and repeat instructions 不厌其烦,
- unable to mince words and explain in plain ABC (in order to send the right instructions),
- don't feel fine to have a 'forgetful' maid,
- no endless patience to give maid,
- too human, not a no feeling robot who doesn't scold, get angry or sad by what your maid did,
- lack loving and motherly kindness 爱心无法泛滥,
- maid has no childcare experience and you have a child/children for her to take charge,
- particular with food hygiene and cleanliness.  After I've employed Indonesian, shared my woes, people told me that is typical of Indonesians - low sense of hygiene, 'forgetful' and a 'slow worker'.  Are they 'programmed' to be such a worker in their agencies/training centres?

If you're an employer looking for maid, speak to her in English and don't just take 'Yes' and 'No' as answer.  Get the maid to say more.  If you're interviewing the maid  in simple English yet she kept looking at translator, depends on a translator or looked clueless, I suggest you say 'sayonara'.... if English is your only lauguage to communicate, think .... can you live with and train such a person?  Do you have tonnes of patience, time and loving-care?  I don't have!

28 Jan 2013 -  many people heard of my situation with M, my Indonesian FDW.  Many advised that I should kick her out.  This week, I went shopping for FDW .... leisurely.

I didn't expect to be lectured by one agency.  This agency is located at Coronation Plaza, level 3 near escalator.  Can't remember its name, just remembered there was a mid-age man who seat in an inner partition, the outer office was handled by a mid-age local lady, a filipino woman and filipino man. 

I've printed my requirments on a piece of paper.  I feel that it is my duty to be honest, don't be a liar and create any misunderstanding.  It will make my life even more miserable to face an unprepared FDW, doesn't know what are her roles and how to work in such a house. 

That local lady used a stern tone and said I should not come up with any requirements, I should try to work with the FDW, learn to accept what she is and build a relationship (I'm just rephasing - these are not the exact words from her nasty mouth).  I was shocked to be lectured.  Next time, if any agency lectures me and wants me to be a liar, this will be my reply "by purposely creating a job mismatch, don't tell FDWs our requirements so that employers can send FDWs back, let you recycle and earn from more us, don't you feel sinful earning such money?" 

I don't mind agencies turning me down or FDW who showed (face expression and body language) my requirements are too harsh and doesn't accept employment.  I thank FDW who is honest and rejects my offer after reading my requirements, rather than M or my No.2.  Both accepted but were not truly keen to work for me.  Just trying their luck, I can't afford to have such irresponsible FDWs.

There was one Myanmar FDW whom I was really keen to hire, she looked so sweet and gladly accepted the challenge but she was too young and still single.  My first time to hire somebody young and single, that is M, leads me to miseries.  I was able to communicate with this FDW, she really made my eye ball dropped.... on appearance, she was the best FDW I've seen during my 'leisure maid shopping', so sad that I had to say no.  Hope I didn't miss a good catch.

Finished walking around Bt Timah maid hub, intend to do 'maid shopping' at Orchard maid hub.  My understanding, the operators or staff there are mostly filipinos, will they give me a hard time ..... worry, I am an employer, the person feeding the agency and FDW, why can't I set my requirements to have 2 years of less stress life with FDW?  Why the FDW market is made to employers' disadvantage and agencies/FDWs felt they are on the right track, did nothing wrong?  Are we just ATM machines?  We're also human, how come they don't need to respect and value us?  Having a good agency, acting on the best interest of FDWs really made me frighten.  Such rotten apples are very likely to teach their FDWs how to protect themselves, how to runaway when unhappy, how to manage their employers, how to bargain, etc.  They will not tell FDWs about Spore culture, what their employers really want, our lifestyle and how to work well as a domestic worker (not princess), re-emphasize how to hang bamboo laundry (work safely), etc.

16 Dec 2012 - I am only keen to employ transfer maid because I can see her in person, not thru bio-data or webcam.

To get a transfer maid, I went to two maid hubs.
First destination was Bt Timah Shopping centre.  I combed every agencies, distributed my 'flyer', stating my requirement.  Seek agencies to keep a lookout but none got back to me, till today not even one agency reverted.

Agency fee wasn't cheap but if I stick to filipino, the agency fee is about $500 to $700.  My preferred nationality was Philippines, Myanmar and India.

I was shocked the salary for fresh filipino has risen to $500 per month, a requirement set by Philippines embassy.  Philippines government asking lots of money from employers and their own citizens.  If Philippines so kind to provide salary of S$500/month to their citizens, why not keep their citizens and don't allow them to work in Spore? 

I should have sticked to filipino or other nationaltiies.  Indonesians should be an absolute NO because they can't eat pork.

I just wanted transfer maids but there was none who is willing to accept no using of personal mobile phone on working days.  Mobile phones are their lives, can't part with them.

I can't take the risk.
Allowing fdw to use mobile phone is like digging my own grave.  Once their phone ring or beeps, they will be distracted and lose her focus on my girl.  People who have the luxury of parents' help or childcare centres don't understand the risk I'm undertaking.  They felt I'm inhumane.  My girl is also human, I need to protect her as a mummy.  Who can understand my fears?  If something happens to my girl, Spore government will not help me.  Last year, a 12-year old disabled girl was thrown out of the window by her domestic maid, who helped to find justice and ease the sorrows of that family?  Some people felt that FDW was pathetic, she was under too much stress so her actions should be forgiven.  If that happen to your beloved child, I hope you can be extremely generous and forgiving.  If you're not a saint, don't advocate, 虚伪,假仁假义!

If I allow fdw to use after 'work', maybe 10pm, she may be too engrossed to chit-chat or go online and ended up doesn't get enough rest for the next day work.  I have seen these happening to other FDWs.  They promise they won't hog on their mobiles too long but most failed to keep their promises.  After repeated reminders, if her work performance is affected, some employers painfully chose to send fdw out.

2nd destination - Katong Shopping Centre
I managed to interview a few interested FDWs.  Finally shortlisted 2 FDWs who expressed great interest to work for me.  Arranged both to visit my house, take a look at my girl before I confirm one of them.

Myanmar - she couldn't read what I gave her in English.  Can't understand so how to communicate?  I'm a full-time working woman, I either sms, write or type my instructions.  If I can't communicate in simple English, how to employ her?  Told her I could only employ one fdw, it would be either her or the other, an Indonesian.  She didn't try to bond with my girl, she was seated in a corner so hubby asked me to sound her. Realised she thought Indo to take care of girl while she does housework.  She is out!

Indo - agency fee super expensive ....  $1288.... daylight robbery.  She's not my preferred nationality, can't eat pork and so expensive.  Briefed her, said ok, she's willing to work for me.  Hubby said she looked very pleasant to him.  No choice, don't want to comb another hub, kissed good bye to my cash and employed an Indo.  After employment, realised this agency didn't really read my requirements.  This Indo is unsuitable.

My other posts will be my agony to have an Indo fdw.


  1. Oh my gosh....i am in the exact situation as you.
    I can really feel your frustration. I'm into my 4th helper as the first one is a total disaster. Less than 24 hours she pretended to faint in the house and i wanted to call the ambulance then she told me she want to go home coz she miss her children. 2nd maid is like a vase. Ask her to do work, she can tell me that that particular job is not in the JD. When did FDW has a JD? So i told her, fine, then don't do. I'll do it myself when i'm back. Immediately after i left, she called her agent to bring her back. Best is the agent even sided her. I have always treat all my helpers well and care for them. I know how tough it is to be away from home and to do the chores. When the 2nd helper came, i have even brought her to the Zoo to see the pandas coz she seems sad as she misses her children. I have even told her to pick a post card to send it to her boys. Yet this is the "gift" i get from her for treating her well.
    3rd helper is an indo, she is fine except that she has certain values like her religion do not allow to touch dogs and insisted to leave. That i can't argue even if i tried to retain her and give her a pay raise.
    Sometimes it makes me wonder what did i do wrongly that the helpers do not stay.

    1. I realised from my current maid who tend to use 'culture or tradition' to avoid doing things she doesn't like. Eg JA said cannot do ironing in the evening. Previous Filipino said if family member passed away, cannot cut hair for one year.

      Your Indo has a religion that can't touch dog .... it is a pet not food to eat.... unbelivable! She didn't know she has to touch the dogs? You didn't give agent and maid your job description? Your agency is horrible!

      Next time if you decide to hire a maid, after interview, ask her write the jobscope. This will ensure she remembers. Dont use my method by typing out and ask maid to read. They got the bad habit of claiming 'I don't know'.

      Our useless MOM just doesn't want to help us get maids who really come here to work as maid, not princess, not here to have fun .... work little, play super hard with plenty time-off/off day.

  2. Before hiring this indo, I did specifically told the agent to talk to her to make sure she is ok with dogs. Apparently, according the indo, she also told the agent that she can't work for family with dog and the agent just push her to us. I do believe the agent is at fault here.

    1. So this agent is at fault. I noticed some agents just want to push sales, don't care whether maids suit the employers. They felt employers had to take in and accept the maid they way they are, tolerate them at your expense, etc. So unfair to us and MOM allows this, made us Pay and Pay to suffer.

      I would suggest (based on my bad experience) after you've interviewed, email the agent what you've discussed with maid, the jobscope, off day, etc. Email the agent to reconfirm with maid. In case of any discrepancy, fwd that email to MOM. MOM will not jump out to defend us nor reply but at least we feedback what their policies have done to employers.

      The bad maid who gave my girl bruises, MOM till-date didn't bother to response. The agency gave me a miserable refund, haven't received amount yet .... sigh!

      Some agents are very cunning, refused to touch email, afraid you've black and white to hold them responsible for their bad business ethics.

  3. I do know there are cases where doing phone interview, employer told maid she has 2 children, but after 6 weeks when maid comes over, employer is pregnant with 3rd child and when maid knows, immediately she don't want to work and retort that she was told that there's onlyn2 children. Now coming 3 children so want a transfer.

    Perhaps in the near future, we need to have their permission whether or not to expand the family.

    1. My sis has 3 kids, maids whom she has interviewed were very fussy. When heard of 3 kids, regardless Sis stressed 2 in full day childcare, most rejected my sis. Those who took up the job offer were just keen to fly over to take advantage of employer and get a transfer. Thus, my sis maids were short-term and problematic. Her 2 Myanmese and 1 filipino were horrible, unable to carry out domestic work, behaved like princess and untrainable. Her last filipino jumped off from 2nd storey HDB flat and ran off to HOME.... that's the end of my sister's life as FDW's employer.

      Govt's policies encouraging maids to be selective and be treated more humanly than citizens .... what can we do?

  4. I first got myself a maid when I was 7mths preg with my second daughter. She was a transfer maid who had been transferred 3 times prior to me. I was urgently in need of a maid before I was due and I thought at least for 1mth plus I could train her. The agent explained that although she was transferred 3 times, it wasn't her fault... Blah blah... So we decided to give her a shot. I thought since she had gone through all that rejection, she would be motivated to work harder, thinking that I would be the model employer. I tried. She was dirty, unhygienic, she put my first daughter through a lot of pain, she pinched my daughter when I wasn't looking but pretended in front of me that my daughter was very wilful and she was sad my girl wouldn't listen to her.

    After baby was born, things got worse. I have to say, my entire confinement was filled with anger, disappointment and utter stress, so much so I almost had post natal depression, I would cry every night,ncould never feel happy, always had thoughts of killing myself and baby. And indeed how my body has suffered now from that.
    Then one fine day, I had a bad feeling that compelled me to read her diary when she wasn't around. I found out she had been writing my danghter and husband's names in her book. As I'm Chinese Muslim, I can read slightly what she wrote but I didn't understand. I didn't think much of it. Only towards the later stage, I began to wonder. Wonder why she had my husband's name in it, even my father in law's name. How come my name never appears? Still, I let it slip. I thought she was slow because she was from the kampung, and she was a fresh maid. She prayed 5 times a day and never had a temper. So I let it go.
    So many things happened, I only had her for close to 3 months and things got so bad. She started to intentionally push my hot buttons to make me flare up at her in front of my in laws, and my parents just to gain sympathy. She would complain to my mum I starved her and she had tummy aches even though I have food on the stove, she refused to heat it up. And after that, she started to live a "happy family fantasy" with my husband and daughter. The day I immediately sent her back was the day she tried to use my husband against me, when he left for work, he told me to go watch her get my 1st girl ready for school. I went out and told her off and I was already being very lenient because I sat beside her, every weekday morning for 2months coaching her patiently. She had the nerve to tell me back in my face my husband was the one who told her to take her time! So I call him and he told her off on the phone for intentionally trying to make our relationship sour (not the first time), she was shocked I would have the guts to call him. Why wouldn't I? I'm his wife!
    Upon sending her back, I remembered the diary. I told her to tear off all pages that contained names of my family (instructed by hubby). She denied. So I grabbed the book and tore off the pages. After she was gone, I had time to read them. And, as much as you won't believe, those were spells, to make my daughter listen and obey her, and to make my husband fall in love with her. I also checked the hp I gave her, and I called every single number, all Bangladeshi guys. My neighbour confessed to me she has been telling her maid a lot of untruths about me. The one that hurts the most was that she claimed I was starving her. My house always has food. And I told her without fail everyday if she's hungry, she can help herself. Instead, she makes herself out to be a beggar, begging my neighbours for bread, rice because I starve her? Then when my neighbour questioned her, she said she didn't dare eat food I cooked because I cook pork. And she based that assumption on the fact that I am Chinese. She chose to ignore the fact that I am Muslim.

  5. Nowadays maid agencies are very cunning. Once their license gets revoked, they will use another person's name and set up a new agency. The demerit point system is not useful. The number of transfers maids, which is retention rate is inaccurate. Bad maids and agencies are not being punished cos the unethical practices and pro-maid policies are still loitering in the market. I think government ministries should look into such matter.

    No guarantee you will get a good transfer maid or agency. Transfer maids are usually problem persons. Nowadays, the transfer maids choose employers, not you hand pick and say I want you. Transfer maid may be fast to start work in your house but she could be very jing and calculative. It is better to find a reliable and responsible agency by words of mouth.

  6. My maid agency, the boss of the agency actually has several maid agencies. When there are transfer maid, they will swap here and there. There was once I waited for 2 months and no maid, and they dont want to give me transfer maid. I was so upset, my husband and me went down to the shop to scream at the girls, demanding a refund. We made a very hoohaa, and the next day, they told me they have a maid for us to use for the time being while waiting for the maid of my choice to come from Phillippines.

    That time, I was about to deliver any time and without a maid, no one is going to help me with the household chores and the baby. I was so stress, I was crying already. With the baby about to due and no help, and the agency keep promising to deliver and never deliver, I was in depression... I live in a double storey house so w/o a maid is not a joke ... These people at the agencies, when you are very nasty, then they will try to speed things up for you. If you are nice to them, they will jiak gao gao(eat your meat and chew your bones)... The agency that I went to: Greatlink Employment Agency

    1. Pinklady - I should have read what you have written on the web! We also got conned by Greatlink Employment Agency "BIG TIME". I am contemplating going to CASE to lounge a complaint. It's not just the money that matters, it's emotional trauma that one has to go through.

  7. Winter copied this from forum:
    By Straffan
    I have been through hell and back with a particular agency, and thought I'd share my story so that others can avoid the same pitfalls. My maid had to return home due to family commitments, so I interviewed a transfer maid.

    I have three children under the age of seven (but all in childcare) - so the first criteria was cooking, followed by childcare. According to her profile, she is married Indo mother of two. Worked in Singapore for 2 years. Agency told me she can be ready in 4 days but that turned out to be 6 days. Anyway, she lasted for all but 5 days. This is the one with over 3000 FB friends and would rather get the sack than to limit FB usage. I am eternally grateful for her frankness.

    And this is where the nightmare begins. Replacements are "free". And by now I have sunked $2,500 with this Agency. No calls, no profiles. And when I was given profiles, none matches my criteria (married with own children with experience).

    Day 1: After 2 weeks, I called anonymously and was recommended another transfer maid. Let's call her C. We had a phone interview and I went with a friend to see her the following day.

    Day 2: We interviewed her and really like her. Wanted to sign. So told the agent I am existing customer - for replacement. Out came the tale about how she is not available because someone had paid a deposit for her. Showed us the documentation about how she had been assigned to another employer - they were doing a second interview with the MIL later that day. Will let me know the outcome - if they cancel / confirm. And so they decided to go ahead.

    Day 4: Called and asked if there are any new candidates. Was told to wait till after the weekend (in case C's employer change their mind again).

    Day 7: Called (spoke to another agent which recommended C to me but hadn't been around). Asked why she recommended someone whom wasn't available? In her quick defence, she reiterated that indeed C was available but not now cos she was signed to an Indian employer on 3 days ago (but assured me that she was available until Day 3). At this point I broke down and cried because I was cheated outright.

    Day 9: Went to the agency with a friend, and both agents were around. The one that I spoke to on Day 6 kept quiet. The other one spinned a story about how the Chinese employer showed up on Day 3 and so happen the Indian employer showed up and they passed her to each other, blah blah blah.

    I did not argue. What was the point? Notice how she was available at the point that I interviewed her? Let's sleep with the enemy since I still have $2,500 with them. Last chance.

    No more transfer maid. So was recommended one highly. Was assured that processing takes 2 to 3 weeks only, since she has a ready passport and has done all the necessary procedures. It wasn't until 5 weeks later that I could finally collect her.
    Excuses: earthquake, typhoon...
    Reasons: Collect a dozen maids before departure to SG. And when they did get a dozen, they had to wait for the "cheaper" flights. In the meantime, all maids pays a bording fee at Phils side, and wasn't allowed to go back to their homes.

    And I am not alone, neither is this particular agency. A friend has had it worse and gave up on a few agencies because replacements are always second graded.

    So, whichever the agency you choose, do your due diligence and check for their background. I didn't. But when I did, I realised that their statistics are very bad - 8 demerit points (which I suspect were from complaints by FDWs), and very high attrition rate.

  8. Winter copied this from forum:
    By jeang09
    If I dont't have to, I will not consider trf maids. But my situation here does not allow. Got played out by current maid. Not sure if her story is true but she with me 3 years, I like to give her the benefit of doubt. I have liaise with Titien n I also hope their stories are true. I have been conned by maid agencies before too n have tried to be careful.

    Sometimes interview also no use. Just have to trust our gut feelings. wish me luck.

  9. By evergal19
    i am writing to share my experience when engaging my new maid.

    For the first time i decided to use a new agency, 1st Allbest Human Resource Pte Ltd.
    I did a call interview about 1mth before my maid came.
    When maid came, 2-3wks after, she spoke to my family members n i started to suspect she is not the person i interviewed.

    My maid said her employer interviewed her 1day before her flight to sg.
    I dont want to say much becos i dont want implications, but anyone wanting to use this agency, think 3 times. The so called interview can be fake.

  10. by June.Joodi
    i just got one who is not capable of doing anything except eating ... in the end gave up hope on getting a refund or replacement... luckily my mum's friend was letting go of their helper so we took over... that was 2 years ago... last fri our new helper arrived. we got her from bt timah shopping centre .. we interviewed almost every transfer maid in that building before deciding on her... so far so good... no more indonesians for us as we want our children to be taken care by someone with good english... keeping our fingers crossed..

  11. by mfo222
    Most of the Agencies are only interested in making money. Sometimes the staff they hire are not able to comprehend what you are really looking for..I have called a few places and ask for biodatas, they email me so many biodatas, in almost all biodatas, its the same thing, can clean,can look after kids, can cook steam fish.. best of all this Agencies just rely on biodatas from abroad..they dont call and talk to the maids..

  12. by Harmony and Peace
    Name: Catherine Vizco Padillo http://singaporemotherhood.com/forum/data/attachments/154/154175-a3986e4aa586ff6e66cb1acfffd7ee55.jpg
    Date of Birth: 4, July 1973
    Work Permit No: 0 2498035

    FDW’s conduct
    Murder Threats:

    The maid insisted I pay for her taxi fares for her personal use during her rest day on Sunday Nov 17 2013, she also added that she is just trying her luck as most of her friends say she is not entitled to such a thing. When I returned home from work on the following day, the FDW spoke to me of the recent Tampines murder of the maid killing the employer’s child, and added this is all because the employer was not good to the FDW. She further continued that there was also a case where a Filipino maid drowned the employer’s 2 young kids “by mistake.” I have 2 young kids aged 2 and 5 and it was an insinuated threat.

    Potential “Killer Littering” by willful Negligence:
    On November 19, 2013 I called home to check on my children. My older child picked up the phone and say “the auntie told me to watch TV and be quiet.”

    That night when I returned home this FDW lied to me that it was my older child that threw out the toys, however I learnt from my older child that it was actually the younger one, and whilst my younger child was throwing those toys out she was in the same room and did not stop him, she just watched him. When I asked the maid what she was doing during the time the toys were thrown out, she lied she was “showering the younger child.”

    A few days later I received a letter from management mentioning that one of the toys (a metal train) almost hit a 5 year old girl’s head on the first floor and there was a picture of all the toys that were thrown out. I was horrified at the number of and the size of toys that were thrown out as that many toys to be thrown out would have taken a very long time, it’s not a matter of a 5 minute shower as the maid indicates. I suspect there was a foul play involved in this and I went to file a police report. Later I took the maid and went downstairs to apologise to the neighbour, instead of apologizing the maid retorted back to the neighbour that she was showering my younger son. To which the neighbour said, the toys flew out every hour on multiple occasions (which justifies the amount) and rheutorically asked the maid “do you shower the child every hour?” Her lie was uncovered by the neighbour testimony and hence my suspicion of willful negligence still persists. When I went home I asked the maid, why she did not apologise properly, to which she retorted “what do you want me to do, kneel down?” A metal train had nearly hit a 5 year old girl’s head on the ground floor, if she was hit by this she would have died instantaneously, and this maid feels no remorse or repentence…is this even human? This is inhumane behavior, and moreover endangering the neighbourhood peace and safety. It is beyond belief that she can call herself a Catholic.

    Death and Runnaway Threats:
    I was told on Dec 7 2013, that the maid’s mother is severely ill and cannot take care of her children (who are 20, 19, and 11 year old all very self sufficient ages) she needs to go back immediately. I offered to send her back and wait for her until she returns. She has advised us that she does not intend to return to Singapore again to work (which is a complete lie).

  13. by Harmony and Peace
    Despite the fact that she has received an advanced salary all the way until the end of December 2013, within one week I booked her a flight home on the 26 December, 2013. When I communicated this flight booking, she started screaming shouting and kicking, demanding why is the flight not booked before Christmas and threatened us that she CAN and WILL runaway. She further continued shouting that she will kill herself and be sent back to the Philippines dead or alive. I told her she has to leave my house and be sent to the agency’s dormitory as her shouting rage is scaring my young kids; she refused to leave and threatened us that she will kill herself in our home.

    To resolve this unreasonable and unruly behavior, my husband told her to pack her bags so we can go to the airport. Upon reaching the airport the Airline counter was closed and the maid started throwing another fit, shouting and screaming creating a public nuisance until 2 police officers came to escort her. My husband rebooked the flight and the FDW was taken into police custody until the flight took off. We have received a call from the police officer around 6pm notifying us that the maid has boarded the plane.

    Although actual criminal offences were not committed in Singapore, this FDW’s manipulative and calculated behavior is a psychological abuse to the employer. Knowing that we are both working parents in Singapore (without our parents to overlook the FDW) she has taken the full advantage by threats against us using our beloved children, our situation in entirety. We have given her 8 months worth of advance salary as per her demand (until end of December), and also within only 6 months of joining us she demanded that we pay for her flight back to the Philippines and take 3 days off from our work so she can attend her daughter’s graduation ceremony, out of goodwill we have given her this.

    Instead of returning our goodwill with gratitude, the ingrate maid escalated into manipulative behavior of threatening us, and abuse our family psychologically.

    On one occasion she lost our 2 year old son, leaving him to wander around all by himself, luckily he was found by my husband who quickly took him home. It took her 1 hour to notice that my child went missing and then she called me. I told her that that my child is home already, to which she screamed at my husband asking him why he did not call her to tell her this. Since when does my husband start to report to maid? How can one neglect their job and blame others? My husband was the one that rescue my poor child who could have wandered out on the streets where there is a huge traffick of cars. To all the parents out there, how can we live and work in peace when our beloved children are in the hands of such an irresponsible, manipulative, heartless person? As a parent this is the most excruciating thing, we hire helpers to help us, not to be psychologically abused and threatened by them.

    The amount of grief this maid has caused me was colossal, I could not concentrate at work (as I worry for my children), and could not eat or sleep properly. My children were also traumatised by her shouting outrage on the day of her departure and they are terrified of her. I am very glad that we have repatriated her back to the Philippines on 14 December 2013 (as per her wish) but just as she was leaving she have the nerve to tell my husband not to blacklist her as she is coming back to Singapore to work in 2 months time.

    Potential employers:
    Please be careful and do not hire this maid if you do not want to invite trouble to your house, she will manipulate you and your family and ask for money that is outside her salary scope like a blood sucking leech and disrupt the peace and harmony in your home. She will cause you more grief than help. She will always start with “my previous employer paid for this and that…and gave me free cash.” She will take advantage of the situation where both parents work and threaten you using your children as a mental hostage situation.

  14. by YOY
    Name: Nengsih Bt Dalim Rata
    Passport No. : AS945160
    DOB: 12 Jan 1981

    Maid claims to have 7 years experience in Middle East.

    Arrived at my house in the evening on 18 Feb 2014, and did simple things like sweep and mop the floor. The next afternoon, she asked to go back to agent. Simply crazy!

    Did not appear to be the hardworking sort. Was very slip short in her work. Looks like she is going to be a problematic one.

    Employers beware.

  15. by Jamesocw
    just a some comments on this Sunflower Employment Agency agency that they are not providing enough information on the maid's information to their new employer. I came to know that this Sunflower Employment Agency did not provide information on the maid to the new employer that my ex-maid actually got a police warning letter from been a theft. The new employer called up and clarify thing on this maid. This ex-maid actually told her new employer that her previous employer actually quit the job and look after the family which is not true. Until MOM requested the new employer to sign on a letter to willingly accept the maid with a record of theft. Then the Sunflower Employment Agency started to tell the truth to the employer. This is simply unacceptable act! This Sunflower Employment Agency does not bother to fetch the maid at the police station unless a running fee of $70 is to be paid to them when we reported her to the police and was custody at the police HQ. Not a professional agency to look for.

  16. Copied from Forum, by Mtrisha26
    I have employed a filipina maid last december. She seemed nice and had worked for a family for 3 years before her employer just suddenly sacked her after an argument.

    Anyway, I dont mind her not being too thorough in cleaning the flat. But what I noticed is that she is lazy. She initially will change towels, curtains and sheets after more than a month. She always have her nails long even if I already told her to cut it short. We also agreed that her curfew from day off is max 10pm but now she doesnt adhere to the agreement. Even if I already talked to her about it several times. She doesnt follow the rules I gave her when she first came to my home. She would even make me look stupid when I told her she didnt do the cleaning. She'd sometimes say that the vacuum might have splattered the dust. (SIGH!).

    I pay her 550 SGD per month. She shares a room with my sister. She also has internet access. She has a HP, a tablet and a computer. Also, every day off, she says that she goes to disco at Orchard Tower or Bugis. But she also told me that she wants to find a boyfriend (indian) because they give her money.

    This maid gave me a LOT of headache.
    1) She was hurting my daughter who is 8 years old. Digging her long nails into my child's head. She will also tell my daughter constantly that she is not good and selfish. She'd say a lot of bad things to my daughter and scare her that she will leave her alone in the flat. Sometimes, when my daughter is calling me she will grab the phone from her and ask her to go to her room. She also scolds and shouts at my daughter.

    2) She doesn't follow my instructions. When I tell her to do something that is on top of her daily workload (example ask her to clean cieling fan which is only done once every two to four weeks), she'll ignore me. As if she didn't hear anything. She will not do the task unless you tell her again. Then she'll act angry and ignore me the whole day.

    3) She broke a lot of things at home without telling me. SHE broke my convection oven, the dish rack, pans. containers and plates. She even broke the sink and pipes and we had to replace it. Costed S$380.

    4) She doesn't return the reciepts to me after grocery. Recently I noticed that grocery is fewer. And the brands are not the ones I taught her to buy. When ask where is the receipt she'll say she put on the draw box.

    5) She became very rude to us when she doesn't get what she wants. We limited her wifi access to her phone only and removed laptop and tablet access. She insulted me in this and insisted that I am no good because I did not give her other gadgets access to wifi. This happened about 3 weeks ago.

    6) She doesn't clean the flat as per expected. She also doesnt wash the clothes as scheduled. She doesnt follow the cleaning schedule that I gave her and the menu that I gave her.

  17. Worst...
    7) She got a bangladesh boyfriend. He always calls her. They are always talking on the phone. I discovered she also taking some kind of pills from indonesia. She told me these were contraceptives she buy from her friend.

    8) She was making excuses to go out when I was working from home to see her boyfriend. She even asked me to give her friday night (until saturday morning) as additional day off to see boyfriend. This is on top of her current day off schedule.

    9) She stole some of our personal things and use it as her own. SHE NEVer asked permission to use these things. It is ok though if she asks. But she didnt.

    10) She want her salary to be increases to S$800. I hired her at 500. Increased her salary to 550 after 6 months. Then gave her another increment of 50. These are salary increases because i wanted her to be inspired to work better.

    11) If I talk to her in a nice way to correct her work, she doesnt folllow. If I scold her, she doesnt follow. If I text her, she doesnt follow. She will only do what she wants.

    And so many more. Overall, she was very stubborn, rude, hurts our child and doesnt work as per expected. A few days ago, I told her to clean something. She got mad and told me to bring her back to the agency. (sigh!). So I did. I brought her back.

    Then I sent a feedback to MOM about her performance (good points), problems that arose during her stay with us and also the privileges that she had at home. I hope that the new employer will be wise enough to check that out.

    1. Sounds just like my maid. Except I don't ask her personal things like boyfriends and we never talk outside of work stuff

  18. Beware of transfer maids with no loan and appeared everything ok during interview. If a maid is very good, judging from the high recruitment fee and training hrs we need to invest in, no employer would want to let a good maid go without counter offer. Also any maid who has worked for expat wont fit into any local household. She will manage u!

    1. I am having a maid who only worked for expats. Exactly that she doesn't listen to me. Just wanna do whatever she wanna do and give me Talk to my hand attitude

  19. SLF Green Maid Agency - Beware of their documentation which mentions you have to pay 12 SGD per day for 21/22 days till the transfer maid gets another employer in SG, you have to pay the agency this amount even if she's left your house. Somehow not quite a reliable agency. Secondly, as many have mentioned Mynmaerese maids are very very arrogant and ruthless to the core.


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